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Dread Empire - Shampoo Taster Combo


Deep Cleansing, Soothing Scalp, Anti Dandruff... Can't decide which shampoo is for you? This is the perfect way to try all three and decide which flavour floats your boat!

We've taken our all natural, residue free, super dread cleaning power and added carefully selected Essential Oils which are renowned for their ability to clean, nourish and maintain healthy scalp and hair.

So you might be thinking, but I don't have dandruff? No problemo! You don't have to have dandruff to enjoy the woody scents of Cedarwood, Tea Tree and Rosemary. Or what about Soothing Scalp? The soothing antiseptic properties Lavendar will benefit everyone and soothe your soul in the process! And finally Deep Cleansing is the perfect way to freshen up your dreads with a Lime and Grapefruit citrus blast.

So this combo's for you if variety's your spice of life and and you enjoy saving a buck or 15 in the process! Buy these shampoo's separately and you would pay $68.85, buy this combo and save $15.

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