35mm NZ Made Black Leather Belt 44-48" = 112-122cm Waist

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Made In New Zealand From 100% Full Grain Black Leather.

Sizes Available to the closest cm. (smaller sizes available just ask.)

Waist from 28” to 32” = (72 to 82 cm)

Waist from 32” to 36” = (82 to 92 cm)

Waist from 36” to 40” = (92 to 102 cm)

Waist from 40” to 44” = (102 to 112 cm)

Waist from 44” to 48” = (112 to 122 cm)

Waist from 48” to 52” = (122 to 132 cm)

Waist from 52” to 56” = (132 to 142 cm)

Waist from 56” to 60” = (142 to 152 cm)

Getting the perfect fit is as easy as "Measure your waist and Buy One Custom Made to Fit You". These Great Belts are 35mm Wide. They Beautifully fit any of the buckles we have listed. Silver Nickle domes are fitted to make swapping Belt Buckles a breeze any time You like. You Can Choose To Wear a Different Buckle with Each Outfit,With Our "Clip 'n Go" Domed 100% Leather Belts.

These 100% Full Grain Leather Belts are Proudly made by us at Bootsnallonline. Each one carries my personal Guarantee. They are beautifully finished and are a pleasure to wear and to work with. I Guarantee the Quality and Value for money of every single one of them .

I believe 20+ years in the leather industry gives me the experience to know what good leather is and to make that statement and I just did.I know you will love your Brand New Made in NZ Leather Belt

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