Dreadlock Conditioning Kit

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Are your dreadlocks in need of some loving? Dreadlocks by their very nature, can result in dry, brittle and scratchy locs. Normal hair care conditioning products however inhibit the locking process and can ruin dreadlocks. Dread Empire's Strengthening & Conditioning Kit is the answer for mature dreads!

The Dread Balm has a deliciously creamy texture which goes on super smooth. Macadamia Oil, Shea Butter, Cococonut Oil and Sweet Orange Oil makes for fantastic conditioning and strengthening power whilst the beeswax does its job in keeping the dreadlock tight and smooth.

Dread Empire's Conditioning Spray is packed with powerful nutrients including Pro Vitamin B which is renowned for its ability to promote moisture absorption which improves the hairs condition. Aloe Vera will soften hair and revitalise the scalp and a splash of mandarin oil is totally refreshing.

Also included in this kit are our number 1 accessory! Dread Cuffs are expandable to fit almost any size dread. They are also a great way to hide lumps and bumps.

Conditioning Spray 275ml
Dread Balm 150ml
10 x Silver Dread Cuffs

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