Dreadlocks Starter Kit

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The kit is a collection of our must haves when it comes to making and maintaining beautiful, healthy dreadlocks. It features the best products with the finest organic ingredients from the Dread Empire line which will leave no hair undreaded.

Dread Empire's shampoo is the perfect way to prep your hair for dreading. It deeply cleans and removes any product or oily build up. The Accelerator can then be applied and it's sea salt base will texturise your hair creating an environment in which knots can easily be formed.

After sectioning your hair, backcombing will begin and this is where your Dread Dust will come in handy. The Dread Dust also textures the hair and gives your comb something to grip to so backcombing and forming little knots becomes so much easier.

Our 0.6mm Dreading Crochet Hook is the perfect size to now condense the backcombed wad of hair into the beginnings of a dreadlock. Now this is where a little patience is required but once you get into your own groove and fine tune your technique, your first dreads will appear in no time!

And finally, it's now time to palm roll. Palm rolling helps to shape and round dreads and it is also the technique used to apply the Tightening Gel or Wax. And this is where you get a choice! You get get to choose between the Gel or Wax. The Gel has an Aloe Vera base and is an excellent way to neaten and bind dreadlocks. It is a light, wash out formula which smells Devine. The Wax on the other hand, has super bind and tightening powers. it is designed to stay in your dreads so only a very small amount is required and it should be applied only occasionally. The wax is best suited to Afro hair or thick, coarse, curly hair types.

After installation you will have plenty of product left over for ongoing maintenance. Maturity of dreads does take time and will vary depending on your hair type. Comprehensive instructions detailing the installation of steps and ongoing maintenance techniques is included in the kit.

The Dreadlocks Starter Kit includes:


  • Dread Empire Tightening Gel OR Dread Empire Dread Wax
  • Dread Empire Classic Shampoo
  • Dread Empire Dreadlock Accelerator
  • Dread Empire Dread Dust
  • Dreading Crochet Hook
  • Dreading Comb
  • 1 pack of rubber bands
  • Step-By-Step dreading instructions
  • 10 x Dread Cuffs, our #1 accessory

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