Essentials Maintenance Kit

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This kit contains the three essential products to achieve clean, tight, healthy dreadlocks.

Squeaky clean hair, free of oil and conditioning residues is the fastest, easiest and healthiest way to kick ass dreads... and Dread Empire Classic Shampoo is the answer! This baby is all natural and thoroughly cleansing by utilising plant and coconut derived ingredients.

Dread Empire's Dreadlock Accelerator tightens dreadlocks by opening the hair cuticles, texturizing the hair follicles and increasing friction between strands. This creates an environment in which dreads thrive in.

Dread Empire's Dread Wax has incredible binding and hold ability. It tames loose frizzy hair and tightens dreadlocks in the process. Packed with with a powerful blend of natural ingredients, including Jojoba Oil, Almond Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Avocado Oil and Vitamin E. All of which are well renowned for their ability to improve the condition and strength of hair and this means stronger, healthier dreadlocks.

Also included in this combo is our number 1 accessory... Dread Cuffs! Dread Cuffs are expandable to fit nearly any size dreadlock.

Classic Shampoo 400ml
Dread Wax 150gms
Dreadlock Accelerator 400ml
10x Silver Dread Cuffs

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