Frankincense Facial Cleanser. Organic skin care

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A fresh zingy sensation!

Absolutely NO Nasty Chemicals!  Our Beautiful Blend Is Made With 100% Organic Ingredients.

This facial oil cleanser is a unique, gentle and effective way to thoroughly cleanse your skin of makeup , dirt and grime.  

“If you have never used oil to cleanse your face before you are in for a pleasant surprise.  Water doesn’t break down oil and harsh detergent cleansers strip the natural oils from our skin.  However the pure clean oils in our Frankincense cleanser gently break down and cleanse away makeup, grime and the remnants of the day.”

It’s stimulating, gentle and full of anti-oxidants.

These carefully selected oils work with the natural processes of your skin, to help restore balance. The organic fruit oils gently cleanse and decongest the skin. While lavender aids healing.  Frankincense helps reduce blemishes, and even out skin tone. Hemp seed oil, jojoba, apricot & carrot oils nourish your skin with protein, essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals.

Hemp seed oil is non-comedogenic so therefore does not clog the pores  This cleanser is non drying.  Skin feels smooth, clean and ready to easily absorb a moisturizer.

Hand Blended with certified organic ingredients:

Pure Hemp Seed Oil,
Jojoba Wax,
Apricot Kernel Oil,
Carrot Seed Oil,
Lavender Oil,
Orange oil,
Lemon oil
Frankincense Oil.

 Directions for use: Apply to moistened face and neck gently massaging. Remove with a warm damp soft face cloth. This method also works as a gentle exfoliant.

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