Jolly Roger Pirate Flag

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The Jolly Roger,Old Roger,or just plain Skull and Crossbones is the definitive symbol of the pirate.Although no one knows for certain,it is believed that the name derives from joli rouge, which means "Pretty Red" in French. This was taken to describe the blood red flags flown by particularly harsh pirates. No matter where the name came from, the essential use of this banner was to strike fear into the hearts of the crew under pirate attack. While pirates often flew "false colours" of any given country,inevitably they used "truer" colours to communicate and threaten potential victims. Awesome Washable Polyester flag with 2 metal grommets.Ready to be flown or put on the wall or in the window.Measures 5 feet x 3 feet.Great for the Boat or Kids Pirate Party.

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