Locking & Tightening Kit

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Are your dreads a little loose or reluctant to lock up? Whether your dreadlocks are just starting out or perhaps they have come of age, some hair types just don't lock up as easily as others.

Dread Empire's Locking & Tightening Kit really packs a punch. Dreadlock Accelerator works by opening up the cuticles and hair follicles causing increased friction between each strand. This encourages knotting and creates an environment in which dreadlocks thrive.

Dread Dust is an amazing little pot of powder. The smallest amount will texturize the hair strands causing the straightest of hair to lock, knot and bind. Sprinkle a little dust onto a hard surface and then press your fingertips into it before palm rolling. It's also the perfect product to use when tackling stubborn loose, fly away hairs - apply a little dust to your finger tips before palm rolling and clockwise rubbing.

Also included in this kit are our number 1 accessory! Dread Cuffs are expandable to fit almost any size dread. They are also a great way to hide lumps and bumps.

Dread Dust 35gms
Dreadlock Accelerator 400ml
10 x Silver Dread Cuffs

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