Pure Creamy Hemp Seed Oil

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Pure Hemp Seed Oil with Heart!

We are delighted to bring you this unique topical hemp seed Protein oil.

This pure hemp seed oil contains the skin and hair loving optimal balance of omegas 3,6 and 9, including GLA and vitamin E. Uniquely this oil also contains creamed hemp hearts protein, a world first!

It is important to get the right balance for your skin and hair health and tthe balance of omegas plus all  essential amino acids contained in this oil is just right. Skin hair and nails all rely on these important essentials to look and feel vibrant.

Shake well to combine.  Use liberally on your face and body for massage and a luxurious hair treatment.  Also rub into nails including the cuticles.

Store in the fridge/freezer for optimal freshness.

 In New Zealand due to the current law on foods containing deshelled hemp seed  this product is sold as a body care product or for pets consumption.

Ingredients: Pure hemp seed oil with added pureed de-shelled hemp seeds.

Grown and manufactured in Canada in an A grade human food facility. Bottled and branded in New Zealand

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