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The base of this dread shampoo uses plant and coconut derived ingredients which thoroughly cleanses your hair leaving your dreads squeaky clean. Keeping your dreads free from oily build up is the fastest why to achieving tight, healthy dreads.

The Classic variety is free from additives, fragrances and Essential Oils making it a great choice for those who have are allergy prone.

Shampoo dreadlocks as often as desired. If your dreads are new or have become loose or messy, then it is recommended that the Dread Empire Accelerator is applied after shampooing. 

Once dreadlocks are dry, palm rolling is a great way to separate and shape dreadlocks. If you feel they are in need of a tidy up, you may wish to also perform maintenance on an occasional basis using a Dreading Crochet Hook. Dread Empire's Tightening Gel and Dread Dust can also be used to tame loose, frizzy hair and greatly assist in achieving neat, well groomed dreadlocks.


Dread Empire Shampoo remains Australian Made and free from harsh chemicals such as Lauryl Sulphates. Made in Australia


Ingredients: Purified Aqua, Lauryl Glucoside (plant derivative), Cocamido Propyl Betaine (coconut oil derivative), Citric Acid, Phenoxy Ethanol (Natural Preservative)

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